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2nd Annual Medical Affairs Leaders Forum Asia, 5th – 6th August, 2014, ?Hong Kong

2nd Annual Medical Affairs Leaders Forum Asia

Asia’s pharma market is already worth more than $200 billion and is expected to grow exponentially each year going forward. The is over 4 billion and the Asian middle class is growing very quickly. Due to factors such as rising incomes, increased government expenditure on healthcare and the growing incidence of chronic developed-world diseases associated with changing lifestyles have all significantly boosted demand in Asia. Therefore many global are looking at Asia to counter falling revenue streams elsewhere. In order to maximize their performance in these emerging markets, increasingly rely on to help them achieve their goals.

2 Events in One:

  1. Best Practices in in Asia

  2. Late Phase & Real-World Evidence Generation for Medical Affairs
  3. This event will offer a unique chance to benchmark with Asia’s medical affairs experts to discuss best practices that apply in this region and an ideal opportunity to build contacts and networks for the future.

    Request agenda at http://medicalaffairsasia2014.nextlevelpharma.com/request-agenda or contact me directly for more information.

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