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4th Annual DigiPharm Europe And Pharma Marketing Show, 24-27 September 2012, London

Can mobile and social media be successfully integrated into a multichannel communication ? This question is one that seems to be constantly queried within the pharma industry with a lot of marketing teams questioning how they are going to use new mobile technology effectively.

We recently asked Kevin Michels-Kim, Co-founder & Digital Strategist, Starling GmbH, about integrating mobile and social media into a multichannel communication strategy and why this is such an important topic?

“Until very recently, pharma hasn’t often struggled to have a voice in the health industry. Large, ubiquitous sales forces and significant marketing budgets have ensured that pharma’s messages could be delivered with sufficient reach and frequency. That dominance is declining with greater physician-imposed limitations on rep visits and the increasingly popularity of mobile and social media. The number of channels has multiplied and customers are segmented in very different ways than just a few years ago. Pharma used to be optimized for one channel, the sales rep. Today, if you want to reach your target customers, needs to be optimized and delivered across a whole variety of channels.”

Kevin will be delivering a workshop at 2012 in September. The workshop is on Integrating mobile and social media into multichannel communications strategies and will look at these channels through recent examples of real-world implementations. Participants will come away with an understanding of multichannel strategy and some specific ideas of what to try in their own companies

The 4th annual 2012 (25 – 27 September 2012, Grange Tower Bridge, London, UK) will discuss where digital fits into your multi channel strategy and provide case studies giving examples of implementation. DigiPharm is the meeting place of choice for marketing professionals working to implement and advance their digital marketing strategy.

DigiPharm will discuss how to:

  • Cope with regulatory & compliance issues for online communication
  • Create brand awareness with search engine marketing
  • Incorporate digital in your organisation
  • Use social media sites and platforms
  • Monitor / quantify social media activity and effectiveness
  • Measure your campaign ROI

The inaugural is this year co-located with DigiPharm and will provide you with the foundation to achieve excellence in your multichannel marketing campaign improve internal operations and better understand and engage your customer. It unites global marketing and brand professionals seeking to invigorate their existing marketing practices and open their mindset to new innovative strategies.

For further information please visit http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/digipharm


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