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4th Annual Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Market & Patient Access in Latin America, 19th – 20th August 2014?, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

4th Annual Market & Patient Access in Latin America

This two-day event will allow all participants the ability to learn about the current approaches which are required for each market in order for them to have greater certainty that their products will be able to deliver real value in the correct terms (cost-effectiveness/ cost-utility/ cost-benefit/ cost-minimization). Participants will hear from a range of Payers (Public & Private), HTAs and academics who are all shaping the landscape in and will hear first-hand how the requirements for are evolving and what will need to be done to maximize chances of a commercially successful product launch.

2 Events in One:

  1. Latin American Payers & HTA Forum

  2. Market & in Latin America

All participants will leave the event with the most up to date information based on expert opinion as to which market access approaches will offer the highest likelihood of success for their products and will also be able to meet, interact and engage with senior-level decision makers from across this vital region.

Request agenda at:
http://www.nextlevelpharma.com/events/request_agenda/4th_annual_pharmaceutical_medical_device_market_patient_access_in_latin_america or contact me directly for more information.

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