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7th Annual Optimizing Clinical Trials: Site Selection and Feasibility, 24-26 September 2013, Berlin

Find out how to optimize

Clinical trials involve patients with specific health problems. Once the decision has been made by patients to participate in a , it’s important to minimize research delays and keep clinical trials moving forward.

Shahana Hoque-Ali (Clinical Trial Head) from Novartis will address how to avoid trial delays and how to redesign the traditional trial design. Missed deadlines in clinical trials are one of the major threats that pharmaceutical companies are facing.

To minimize this risk, motivation is a key factor. Motivation will help clinical trials to progress. Also effective time management and strategies for minimizing delays are crucial for success. However, in order to secure the smooth management of clinical trials more areas need to be watched carefully e.g. updates in global regulations and healthcare policy reform, effective ways to evaluate sites, new trends in the analysis of clinical trial data, practices on avoiding conflicts between different parties (investigators, the clinical staff and the board of the site) and so on.

It is becoming one of the current topics to be discussed at this summit by top experts from: AstraZeneca, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Vifor Pharma to name a few. Clinical research professionals are under pressure to ensure operation effectiveness and to guarantee the validity of the data generated from the clinical trial.

The 7th Annual Optimizing Clinical Trials: Site Selection and Feasibility will explore impressive strategies on how to achieve best results in optimizing clinical trials through 16 case studies, 2 round table discussions and 2 panel discussions.

For more information about the summit please visit official website of the event or download brochure:

URL: www.optimizingclinicaltrials.com
Brochure: www.optimizingclinicaltrials.com/download-e-brochure

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Silvia Klincekova
E: [email protected]
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