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ACME unveils model healthcare infrastructure in India

has announced that it has commissioned India’s First Prefabricated Health Centre at Gaya District in Bihar. The contract for the health centre was awarded to after the EoI was issued by BMSICL under the Department of Health, Govt. of Bihar.

This Health Centre has been built in record time of three months using the novel Prefabrication technology. This technology will help the state to not only to strengthen its infrastructure facilities but also help to showcase its efforts of bringing down the carbon-footprint and adoption of environmental-friendly technologies.

This Mehkar Health Centre will serve as a model infrastructure to the country that is earnestly looking forward to give strong impetus on development of its much-needed rural infrastructure as well as cut down its .

The hospital beds per 1,000 population ratio in India are barely 1.3, significantly lower than the other BRIC economies and the WHO guideline of 3.5 beds per 1,000 population. As per a report published by PwC, the government alone cannot meet the infrastructure, capacity and delivery shortages existing in the current healthcare system. In India, the healthcare infrastructure constitutes about 70% of the overall sectoral expenditure and this highlights the need for fast and efficient healthcare infrastructure in India.

Offering a solution to this challenge, Mr. Samir Sharan, Chief Executive Officer, ACME said, “The Prefabrication Technology is the key to India’s infrastructure development and we hope that its immediate adoption shall help the country heap in savings in terms of time and money. The first prefabricated Health Centre set-up at Bihar is a model infrastructure for the infrastructure players to emulate and help in nation-building while cutting down carbon footprint.

This model infrastructure is also a testimony to ACME’s engineering and manufacturing expertise and highlights our commitment towards nation-building through implementation of green technologies.”

The use of prefabrication technology in comparison with the conventional methods of construction brings in savings to the tune of 50% while it also helps cutting down the carbon footprint. The savings also constitute the terms of construction in all terrain and weather conditions.

Listed below are the Outstanding Advantages of using Prefabricated Technology for construction:

  • Structurally strong
  • Low wastage and spill ensures clean site-environment
  • Thermal insulation leads to reduced energy requirement of infrastructure
  • Versatile and suitable for all types of built environment starting from residential blocks to offices, warehouses, commercial complexes, site offices, telecom shelters etc
  • Virtually zero maintenance throughout life

ACME has used Prefabrication technology to commission various state-of-the-art infrastructure including commercial buildings, high-altitude accommodation units and cold-storage infrastructure. The company is underway to commission the 35th National Games Village at Kerala through prefabrication technology.


Source: ACME