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Addressing your toddler’s aggressive behaviour

in toddlers has been thought to be associated with the frustration caused by language problems, but a recent study by researchers at the shows that this isn’t the case. The researchers did find, however, that parental behaviours may influence the development of an association between the two problems during early childhood. Frequent hitting, kicking, and a tendency to bite or push others are examples of observed in toddlers.

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Are you helping your toddler’s ?
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About this study: Lisa-Christine Girard, , Jean-Baptiste Pingault (), Bruno Falissard (INSERM, Université Paris Sud and ), Michel Boivin (Université Laval and Tomsk State University), and Ginette Dionne (Université Laval) published the article “Physical Aggression and Language Ability from 17 to 72 Months: Cross-Lagged Effects in a Population Sample,” on November 6, 2014 in the journal PLoS ONE (online publication).

University of Montreal