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An ‘ambulance’ for the brain

Chemists at patent and present a shuttle capable of transporting molecules into the brain; this achievement could facilitate the treatment of diseases with no therapy available.

Mouse Brain
This image shows the detail of one millimeter of a mouse brain. In green, capillaries that form part of the blood-brain barrier; in red, molecules attached to the shuttle patented by IRB Barcelona have managed to cross the barrier and reach the brain (black background).
Credit:Benjamí Oller, IRB Barcelona


The study has involved scientists from the Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research of Munich and the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon.

Reference article:

Applying the Retro-Enantio Approach to Obtain a Peptide Capable of Overcoming the Blood–Brain Barrier

Roger Prades, Benjamí Oller-Salvia, , Javier Selva, María Moros, Matilde Balbi, Valeria Grazffl, , Gustavo Egea, Nikolaus Plesnila, Meritxell Teixidó, and Ernest Giralt

Angewandte Chemie Intl Edition (February 2015) DOI: 10.1002/anie.201411408

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)