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Angel or devil? For cancer, not all neutrophils are created equal

Research provides evidence of neutrophil subtypes with conflicting functions and neutrophil plasticity.

Electron Microscope Image of a Harmful Neutrophil
This is an of a harmful neutrophil described in the research of Dr. and Dr. .
Credit:(Photo: )


The research appears in the journal Cell Reports under the title “Phenotypic diversity and plasticity in circulating neutrophil subpopulations in cancer.”

Dr. Granot is supported by grants Israel’s I-CORE () Gene Regulation in Complex Human Disease, the Abisch-Frenkel Foundation, the Rosetrees Trust, the RCDA grant, and the CONCERN foundation. Dr. Fridlender is supported by grants from the RCDA grant, Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Health, and the Israel Lung Association.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem