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Are girls more likely to die in pediatric intensive care units?

In a study of 2,609 patients from a in a children’s hospital in Spain, investigators found that more boys than girls were admitted (57.5% vs. 42.5%) but death rates were higher in girls (4.9% vs. 3.3%).

Girls died from a broader range of causes while boys died most often from respiratory and polytraumatic injuries, which could reflect an increased likelihood to engage in risky activities or behave more carelessly.

“The unexpected female vulnerability that we have found could be partly explained by differences in age and occurrence of nosocomial infection,” said Dr. , senior author of the study. “This should be explored in future research.”

Study: Sex differences in children with severe health conditions: Causes of admission and mortality in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Elisabeth Esteban, Esther Bujaldon, Mireia Esparza, Iolanda Jordan and MarĂ­a Esther Esteban, American Journal of Human Biology, DOI: 10.1002/ajhb.22709, published online 2 March 2015.


Source: Wiley