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Asia Medical Tourism & Healthcare Conference, 9-10 April 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As most of the Western countries such as United States, Canada and other European countries have staggering healthcare related issues, such as high medical costs and long waiting lists, it is becoming a trend for patients to leave their respective countries in order to receive medical treatment. is a booming trend in various Asian countries nowadays as countries such as , India, Philippines, and Singapore are continuously growing in this industry. In order to attract patients from other side of the globe, they offer medical treatment and services on-par with other Western countries’ medical standards and with international recognition. For example, India, and Singapore have been voted as the 3 most popular medical tourism destinations, the US comes in at 4th place.

It is estimated the medical tourism market size is close to 15 billion USD, predicting approximately 5 million patients worldwide spending on average 3,000 USD per trip. It is also predicted that the medical tourism market will grow at a rate of 25% to 35%. Some of the medical services that are being offered in Asia are Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Reproductive/IVF, Weight Loss Surgery, Health Screenings and Eastern traditional medical treatments.

Using the United States’ costs across a variety of specialties and procedures as a benchmark, these are the list of average range of savings for the top ten destinations:

  • Brazil: 25-40%
  • Costa Rica: 40-65%
  • India: 65-90%
  • Korea: 30-45%
  • Malaysia: 65-80%
  • Mexico: 40-65%
  • Singapore: 30-45%
  • Taiwan: 40-55%
  • Thailand: 50-70%
  • Turkey: 50-65%

and Healthcare 2013 focuses on case studies sharing session, whereby speakers will represent various top and famous medical tourism destinations such as Thailand, India, Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. The variety of speakers will exchange and share their insights, experiences, trends and updates on what is happening in their respective regions and what makes them the key players in this industry.

Unlike other major international summits which consist of a huge set of speakers across the globe, this conference will be exclusive and only limited seats are available. This is to ensure that each delegate has more time for interaction and networking, not only with the speakers, but also with other attending delegates and exhibitors. Such arrangement will increase the quality of time for business development and networking.

Asia Medical Tourism and Healthcare 2013 consists of speakers from across industries. This conference offers representatives from the top private hospitals in the world, such as Fortis (India), Bangkok Chain Hospital (Thailand), as well as representatives from international tourism associations and councils, for example Medical Tourism Association of South African and Turkish Healthcare Tourism Development Council. Enjoy a comprehensive experience and gain insight from attending sessions by experts across industries in Medical Tourism, in order to obtain perceptions from different key players, only at Asia Medical Tourism and Healthcare 2013!!


The Asia Medical Tourism and Healthcare 2013 is specially catered and meant for, but not limited to, Chief Executive, Officers, Directors, VPs, Division Heads, GMs, Specialists and Senior Managers of:
Non-industrial organizations
Government health ministries, National tourism boards, Medical travel associations, Cluster networks
Medical travel services
Patient services, Travel Agency Finance, Health insurance companies, Financial services, Investors, Project development/ Consultant, Medical tourism Consulting firm
After care
Spa centres, Wellness centres
, Rehabilitation centres, Private Hospitals
, Physicians
, Specialist clinics
, Alternative medicine, Medical Associations
, Medical Equipments, Pharmaceutical / Drug


  • This conference is one of the most comprehensive and complete medical tourism conferences in South East Asia regions. Speakers and presenters consist of global medical tourism experts and top medical tourism hospitals representatives.

  • Intensive and interactive panel discussions as well as networking sessions. Professionals around the world gather under one platform to share the best practices and experience to improve your organization.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities in order to learn and discuss future trends and insights from each speaker, representing various industries and regions. Gain practical experience from different perceptive which will help to increase the rate of profitability and productivity.
  • Obtain strategic business information and strategies that will help to generate costs and time savings. A small investment now will have big return in future.
  • In depth and accurate practices related to various issues across industries in Medical Tourism. Ask the right question of the right experts to obtain the most practical and valuable solutions to enhance your organization’s growth and development in this region.

Early bird rate of 1,595 USD for signup and payment before 9th March 2013.

Main Conference:
9th – 10th April 2013
JW Marriott Hotel, , Malaysia

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