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Biotech Clinical Outsourcing Partnerships, 31 January – 1 February 2013, Brussels

This event will look at best practices in from the perspective of smaller biotechs and how to develop a that maximizes efficiency in clinical and ensures that all possible hurdles that stand in the way of successful & launch are overcome.

Why attend?

  • Meet directly with experienced industry professionals to understand how to develop the most efficient to maximize the performance of your clinical partner.

  • Hear case study presentations from small and medium sized biotechs on their different needs from large pharma and their unique experiences in outsourcing.
  • Understand best practices in early-phase trials to accelerate proof-of-concept, as well as larger scale phase II to III trials.
  • Engage in 1 to 1 partnering with leading CROs who specialize in dealing with smaller clinical trial sponsors.
  • Overcome challenges surrounding selection, evaluation & contract negotiation.
  • Develop clearer communication & coordination between sponsors & CROs.
  • Discover your partner’s requirements & what obstacles exist in order to develop the optimum solution.

Conference Dates: 31st January – 1st February, 2013
Venue: ,

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