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Cancer vaccines masterclass training, 24 – 25 September 2013, London

“A newlywed died of after being refused a smear test; she was deemed too young,” reported Daily Mail UK end of April this year. “ was 24 when she visited her doctor with worrying symptoms – but was denied the procedure because she was under the minimum age, 25. It took months of repeated visits to her GP before she eventually saw another doctor, who diagnosed her with cancer. Mrs Ryder began a gruelling course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and at one stage was even told she had beaten the disease. But the cancer spread and she died at the age of 26.” The story filled all the journals across the United Kingdom.

It is not rare that we stumble upon sad stories similar to Becky Ryders’. According to the WHO, is the most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer mortality among women in developing countries. CDC states, that 40 years ago, cervical cancer also used to be the leading cause of death from cancer for women in the US.

Thanks to the introduction of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in 2006, infections from the HPV have fallen by more than half among girls and young women in the US, reported Reuters a month ago.

To help not only improve these statistics, but to save lives like Becky’s, Fleming Europe has organised a Masterclass Training, scheduled for 24 – 25 September 2013, in London.

The 2-day training, led by Robert Malone, an internationally recognised scientist, known as one of the original inventors of “DNA Vaccination,” and Alex Kudrin, Medical Assessor in Licensing of Biological Products, will offer a broader scope of the topics.

For the successful development of cancer vaccines it is crucial to understand the importance of pre-clinical and clinical development, as well as regulation and challenges it presents. With this being said, 10 focused sessions will guide participants through the key points of development, tumour immunology, reimbursement as well as an overview of the current legal environment applying for cancer vaccines.

Attendees will also hear about the situation in emerging markets and much more! Download our brochure to see the full event program


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