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China Healthcare ICT Conference, 24-25 April 2014, Beijing

“Develop low cost, secure and interoperability solutions to advance medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care through application of wireless communications, mobile computing, cloud, big data and sensing technologies”

In recent years, IT applications in ’s medical industry have gained momentum.¬† IT enabled medical market in is booming, which provides tremendous business opportunities. The medical industry in is experiencing a vigorous period of advances in IT. National policies are also in place for an IT enabled medical industry. Almost all recently issued policies in China include terms that take into account developments in IT. For instance, IT applications are considered as part of the accreditation of first-class hospitals. In addition, Hospitals and Health Systems are integrating scalable healthcare tools and solutions that are imperative for delivering care in the 21st century.¬†¬†Healthcare’s budgetary and performance challenges are ICT’s opportunity. Rising costs, an aging multi-local population, and patient expectations for real-time, secure information requires that hospitals optimize IT resources to deliver better quality care with greater efficiency. Skyrocketing costs and resulting mandates demand transformation from the healthcare community.

Responding to this unprecedented change and achieving high performance, will be held at 24-25 April in Beijing. This event will gather 200+ senior executives and decision makers from Hospitals/Clinics LHINs, Pubic Health Service, CCACs 39%, Healthcare ODMs 15%, Healthcare software/solution Developer12%, Healthcare Terminal OEMs 14%, Mobile Health Apps & Solutions Provier 10%, Network Equipment Provider 4%, Carriers 4%, and Government Officials 2% to discuss the current hot areas including Clinical problems and applications, Cloud in Healthcare, Confidentiality and Data Security, Design and development methodologies for Healthcare IT, E-Health, Electronic Health Records and Standards, Evaluation and use of Healthcare IT, Interoperability, Medical and Nursing Informatics, Mobile technologies for Healthcare applications?Security and Medical Data Access-control, Semantic Interoperability, Sensors-based, Applications, Telemedicine, Wearable Health Informatics etc.

“China Healthcare ICT Conference 2014″ will help you to understand China healthcare reform updated information and ICT opportunities, and provide you with a precious platform to networking with your existing and potential customers, and map out your own business development strategies and position your service for maximum market share in 2014 and beyond! ?

For more detailed information and registration to this event, please visit www.hict.grccinc.com, or contact: Michelle at Tel: +86 21 2230 6791 Fax: +86 21 2230 6717 , email to [email protected]


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