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Clinical Outsourcing World Europe, 6-7 February 2013, London

remains an expanding area in clinical and revenues are still growing. To maintain this level of , one of the questions that needs to be addressed in 2013 is: how to improve and adapt your outsourcing strategy?

We recently asked , Senior Director, Global Clinical Operations Development, Biogen Idec Limited, to identify three top tips for ensuring a good relationship throughout a clinical .

Firstly, “align on overall strategy. It’s critical to ensure expectations are clear and aligned on ‘how’ each partner will work together to achieve the defined deliverables. Setting the overall framework for both ‘how’ activities/interactions will occur as well as ‘what’ activities/interactions are needed will ensure an open understanding on the partnership needs and priorities.”

Secondly, “ensure partnership roles are clear at local, regional and global level and that responsibilities are well defined for both execution and oversight activities. Most activities occur in virtual teams spread across timezones and geographies and often assumptions are made, communications missed, efforts duplicated or activities delayed due to staff not being aligned on the core roles and responsibilities. For effective teamwork and good relationships its essential to know how everyone fits together and be clear on who makes decisions, at what level they should be made, and ensure defined ownership to drive issue/resolution.”

Finally, “invest time in effective and robust communication plan. A trusting, respectful and collaborative relationship is reliant on effective communications ensuring the right information flows to the right people at the right time. A communication plan should ensure that lines of communication are clear and open, interactions are collaborative and information flow is understood at global, regional and local levels.”

David Watson will be speaking later in the year at Clinical . He will take part in the key note panel discussion: Clinical outsourcing bureaucracy and bottlenecks: where are companies focusing their attention to ensure cost effective, efficient and consistent performance? As well as delivering a presentation on CRO oversight and site relationships.

Clinical Outsourcing World will enable you to make the right outsourcing decisions, streamline clinical practices, improve development times and efficiency and strengthen weak operational areas.

Clinical Outsourcing World aims to assist pharma professionals by driving development through strategic outsourcing. It will enable you to:

  • Choose the right strategy for your company
  • Streamline and strengthen the process of selecting a CRO partner
  • Manage/measure the success of your partnerships
  • Effectively project manage local and multinational outsourced trials
  • Build a successful international strategy that incorporates outsourcing to emerging markets

Clinical outsourcing World is now in its 6th year and continues to address new issues year on year. New discussion areas for 2013 include a close look at where clinical outsourcing meets big data; the role and value of clinical networks and looks at the future of CRO partnering models for orphan indications, devices and diagnostics, virtual trials, phase zero trials and early development. The event comprises of a 2 day conference, interactive panel Q&A sessions and unique networking opportunities via our specialised contact system.

For further information please visit: http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/cowpr


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