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Clothes developed that can monitor and transmit biomedical info on wearers

Researchers at Universite Laval’s and , and Lasers have developed smart textiles able to monitor and transmit wearers’ biomedical information via wireless or cellular networks. This technological breakthrough, described in a recent article in the scientific journal Sensors, clears a path for a host of new developments for people suffering from chronic diseases, elderly people living alone, and even firemen and police officers.

[Smart Fabric Developed at Universite Laval]
The smart fabric developed at Universite Laval is durable, malleable, and can be woven with cotton or wool.
Credit: , Universite Laval


In addition to Younès Messaddeq, study authors are Stepan Gorgutsa, Victor Bélanger-Garnier, Jeff Viens, Benoit Gosselin, and Sophie LaRochelle, of , and Bora Ung of Montreal’s École de technologie supérieure.

Université Laval