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Compound Killed Melanoma Cells And Stopped Them From Metastasizing In Mouse Model

Scientists are reporting development and successful lab tests on the first potential drug to pack a lethal one-two punch against skin cells. Hit number one destroys cells in the main tumor, and the second hit blocks the spread of the to other sites in the body, according to their report in the journal ACS Chemical Biology.

and colleagues explain that the spread of melanoma and other forms of cancer beyond the original location – a process called metastasis – makes cancer such a serious disease. Photodynamic therapy (PDT), which involves administering a drug that kills when exposed to light, already is available. But PDT works only on the main tumor and has other drawbacks. Luedtke’s team set out to find an improved approach to PDT.

The scientists describe successful tests in laboratory mice of one compound they synthesized that not only killed , but also stopped them from metastasizing by blocking a key signal inside the . The compound “provides the first example of a preclinical candidate possessing both of these properties,” the scientists state.


The authors acknowledge funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation.
American Chemical Society