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Archive for August 22nd, 2017

Scientists identify central neural circuit for itch sensation

Itching is an unpleasant sensation associated with the desire to scratch, and the itch sensation is an important protective mechanism for animals. However, chronic itch, often seen in patients with skin and liver diseases, remains a challenging clinical problem as uncontrollable scratching causes severe skin and tissue damage. Therapeutic approaches for chronic itch treatment have [...]

Two-step process leads to cell immortalization and cancer

A mutation that helps make cells immortal is critical to the development of a tumor, but new research at the University of California, Berkeley suggests that becoming immortal is a more complicated process than originally thought. The key to immortalization is an enzyme called telomerase, which keeps chromosomes healthy in cells that divide frequently. The [...]

Schoolchildren who use e-cigarettes are more likely to try tobacco

Vaping – or the use of e-cigarettes – is widely accepted as a safer option for people who are already smoking. The research published in the Tobacco Control journal raises questions about the role e-cigarettes may play in the progression adolescents make to smoke their first cigarette. It identified a ‘robust association’ between e-cigarette use and the [...]

Visual impairment among older adults associated with poor cognitive function

In a nationally representative sample of older U.S. adults, visual impairment was associated with worse cognitive function, according to a study published by JAMA Ophthalmology. The number of individuals in the U.S. with vision problems is anticipated to double by 2050. Visual dysfunction and poor cognition are highly prevalent among older adults; however, the relationship is [...]

New terahertz imaging approach could speed up skin cancer detection

Researchers have developed a new terahertz imaging approach that, for the first time, can acquire micron-scale resolution images while retaining computational approaches designed to speed up image acquisition. This combination could allow terahertz imaging to be useful for detecting early-stage skin cancer without requiring a tissue biopsy from the patient. Terahertz wavelengths fall between microwaves [...]