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Archive for September 4th, 2017

Patient plays saxophone while surgeons remove brain tumor

Music is not only a major part of Dan Fabbio’s life, as a music teacher it is his livelihood. So when doctors discovered a tumor located in the part of his brain responsible for music function, he began a long journey that involved a team of physicians, scientists, and a music professor and culminated with [...]

Alcohol abuse, dental conditions & mental health found to be causes of avoidable US emergency visits

A recent study published in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care found that 3.5% of all emergency department visits analysed were ‘avoidable’. Of these, the top 3 discharge diagnoses were alcohol abuse, dental disorders, and mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. A significant find since ‘avoidable’ emergency department visits can impact the [...]

Inflammation required for ‘smell’ tissue regeneration

In a mouse study designed to understand how chronic inflammation in sinusitis damages the sense of smell, scientists at Johns Hopkins say they were surprised to learn that the regeneration of olfactory tissue requires some of the same inflammatory processes and chemicals that create injury and loss of smell in the first place. In a [...]

Dog walkers motivated by happiness, not health

It appears to be a case of ‘do what makes you happy’ for people who regularly walk their dogs. According to new University of Liverpool research, owners are motivated to go dog walking because it makes them feel happy, not because of other health and social benefits. In the most in-depth study of dog owner’s [...]

Protein turnover could be clue to living longer

It may seem paradoxical, but studying what goes wrong in rare diseases can provide useful insights into normal health. Researchers probing the premature aging disorder Hutchinson-Gilford progeria have uncovered an errant protein process in the disease that could help healthy people as well as progeria sufferers live longer. Scientists at the Salk Institute found that [...]