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Depression Treatment Failing Two Thirds Of Patients

Global survey conducted by leading healthcare analysts reveals a large proportion of poorly controlled patients

Despite one third of patients suffering from depression failing to respond at all to current treatment, with a further third only experiencing a partial improvement of symptoms, sales of drugs for depression generated an estimated $5.6bn in the US, Japan and major European markets in 2012, according to research carried out by analysts at .

This suggests that a substantial market opportunity exists for drug developers, especially in the management of .

Leading business intelligence provider Healthcare surveyed physicians on the and prescribing habits across the US, Japan and Europe, the results of which are collated in its recent depression reports.

Daniel Chancellor, lead analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare said: “Our research has highlighted shortcomings in the current treatment of depression patients, with existing treatments either lacking in antidepressant efficacy or bearing intolerable side effects for many patients. Drug developers must focus on improving the speed of onset of efficacy, eliminating typical antidepressant side effects and providing symptom control for the one-third of patients with treatment-resistant depression.”

Chancellor continued: “A new drug displaying any of these three characteristics promises to be well received by patients and has the potential┬áto generate annual sales in excess of $1bn, despite the numerous treatment options already available.”


Source: Datamonitor Healthcare