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Diabetes Cases In Britain Expected To Rise 700,000 By End Of The Decade

New analysis by the charity expects the number of people in with diabetes to rise by 700,000 by the end of the decade. This indicates 4.4 million people in the UK alone by 2020.

The majority of new cases are predominantly expected to be . People who develop are at an increased risk of amputation, blindness, kidney failure, stroke and ultimately early death. However, the condition can often be prevented by adopting healthier lifestyle choices such as losing weight.

Barbara Young, Chief Executive of , said, “The is already at breaking point in terms of its ability to provide care for people with diabetes. The result is that many people are developing health complications that could have been avoided, and are dying early as a result.

“Because of this, I have grave fears about the potential impact of an extra 700,000 people with diabetes, which is almost the combined population of Liverpool and Newcastle.

We face the very real prospect of the rise in the number of people with the condition combining with NHS budget pressures to create a perfect storm that threatens to bankrupt the NHS.

“If this projected increase becomes reality, it would be a calamity for the healthcare system and a disaster for public health. But the Government and the NHS do not seem to have grasped the scale of the impending crisis and at the moment we seem to be sleepwalking towards it.”

The charity wants funding for a public health campaign to raise awareness of risk factors and the seriousness of diabetes and also for there to be more support to people classified as high risk to help them lose weight. Caron Leckie, nutritionist for Diet Chef, a weight loss delivery programme says “It’s important for everyone to try and manage their weight and adopt healthier lifestyles, but particularly so for anyone at risk or with type 2 diabetes. Managing your weight is one of the most effective treatments for type 2 diabetes if you are overweight. Even very moderate weight loss has been shown to be beneficial for our health.”

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Source: Diabetes UK