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Dressed to kill: Tailoring a suit for tumor-penetrating cancer meds

For more than a decade, biomedical researchers have been looking for better ways to deliver cancer-killing medication directly to tumors in the body. Tiny capsules, called nanoparticles, are now being used to transport chemotherapy medicine through the bloodstream, to the doorstep of cancerous tumors. But figuring out the best way for the particles to get past the tumor’s “velvet rope” and enter the tumor is a challenge scientists are still working out. Drexel University researchers believe that the trick to gaining access to the pernicious cellular masses is to give the nanoparticles a new look — and that dressing to impress will be able to get them past the tumor’s biological bouncers.

Tumor Penetration
This unique drug delivery strategy involves the decoration of nanovehicles with enzymes known to break down hyaluronic acid.
Credit: Drexel University