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Drive Interdepartmental Collaboration At IIR’s Gross-to-Net Accounting Forum!

June 17-18, 2013 | | Boston, MA

More and more, are realizing that nothing can be done in a vacuum. With something as complex and fundamental to an organization’s financial success as Gross-to-Net calculations, this need for collaboration is even more apparent. Before, commercial and worked fairly independently, but those days are over.

At ’s Gross-to-Net , we know how important it is to hear both sides of the GTN story — Commercial and Government. Case studies include:

  • Account for the Government Pricing and Contracting Impact on GTN Calculations With Medicaid expansion continuing into 2014, the impact it has on pharmaceutical company financials is going to continue to grow. In this session, of Vertex Pharmaceuticals discusses how government pricing and calculations affect GTN and the operational changes in government pricing that arise that affect the overall calculation.
  • Commercial Contracts and Gross-to-Net for Managed Care
    New legislation, new distribution channels and more complex contract structures continue to present operational challenges in managed care forecasting and accruals. In this session, Tara Brodo and Mila Tarakovsky of Daiichi Sankyo discuss process documentation, how to implement appropriate controls, and identifying risk and inefficiencies in the calculation process.

These case studies and more will help you optimize accuracy and accountability over the entire pharmaceutical GTN process through internal government and commercial departmental collaboration.

Reserve your seat today and join the conversation!

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Source: Institute for International Research (IIR)