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Engineers develop material for better detectors

engineers have developed a new type of material for handheld sensors that will be quicker and better at sniffing out explosives, deadly gases and .

[Ling Zang and New Bomb, Chemical and Drug Scanner]
Ling Zang, a University of Utah professor of materials science and engineering, holds a prototype detector that uses a new type of carbon nanotube material for use in to detect explosives, toxic chemicals and illegal drugs. Zang and colleagues developed the new material, which will make such scanners quicker and more sensitive than today’s standard detection devices. Ling’s spinoff company, Vaporsens, plans to produce commercial versions of the new kind of scanner early next year.
Credit: Dan Hixon, University of Utah College of Engineering.


This study was funded by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, National Science Foundation and NASA. Zang and Bunes conducted the research with postdoctoral fellow Miao Xu and doctoral student Yaqaiong Zhang.

University of Utah