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Essential Updates On Evidence-Based Care In Periodontics And Implant Dentistry

What’s the latest, research-supported best practice in and implant dentistry? Dental specialists and generalists alike can read about it in the first of a new series from (JEBDP), the foremost publication of information about evidence-based dental practice, published by Elsevier.

The inaugural edition of the Annual Report on Periodontal and Implant Treatment is now available, containing concise, authoritative reviews based on the evidence about practice-critical topics. , DDS, PhD, Professor, Chair, and Director of Postgraduate at University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Baltimore, is editor of the new Annual Report on Periodontal and Implant Treatment.

“Advances in periodontics and implant dentistry continue at an unprecedented pace, with an overwhelming number of new publications each month,” commented Dr. Reynolds. “The goal of the Annual Report is to help promote excellence in patient care by providing dentists and other health care professionals with concise, evidence-based reviews on timely topics in periodontics and implant dentistry.”

The Annual Report presents 18 focused reviews, contributed by leading dental academicians and clinicians from across the United States and Europe. Reviews are organized into the categories of:

  • diagnosis and risk assessment – including new findings on the links between and systemic health.
  • Periodontal treatment – new nonsurgical and surgical periodontal treatment techniques, along with a special perspective article on guided regeneration.
  • Implant and peri-implant treatment – including an update on alveolar ridge preservation after tooth extraction, plus an evidence-based approach to immediate rehabilitation of the edentulous patient.
  • Oral conditions important in periodontal and implant patients – focusing on dentin hypersensitivity and jaw osteonecrosis, including what treatments are and aren’t effective.

In addition to the original articles, the Annual Report contains over 20 previously published Article Analysis and Reviews from past issues of the JEBDP. Written by a diverse interdisciplinary group of world-renowned authors, these past reviews were selected to supplement the topics discussed in the original articles.

The information will be of high value not only to periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, but also to the broader group of general dental practitioners and dental hygienists involved in treating patients with or at risk of periodontal and peri-implant disease. “Our Annual Report fulfills the need for a conduit of information on the current state of evidence,” Dr. Reynolds added. “Such an update is critical for assisting time-pressured practitioners in expanding their knowledge and enhancing their effectiveness in patient care.”

The special edition is part of a new series of devoted to concise reviews on important topics in specific areas. “The AR series will provide the dental and medical community with an authoritative, time-saving, unbiased, and objective assessment of various treatments,” commented Michael G. Newman, DDS, Professor Emeritus at the UCLA School of Dentistry and Editor-in-Chief of JEBDP. “We believe that the AR’s highly illustrated, short, authoritative, and critical summaries of the latest research are the best way to reach busy clinicians.”


The JEBDP Annual Report on Periodontal and Implant Treatment is supported by educational grants from Nobel Biocare, Colgate, Straumann, Geistlich North America, Organogenesis, and Medtronic. Every dental school and all oral surgery and periodontal residents in the United States will receive copies of the Annual Report.