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European Digital Pharma Experts To Meet In Prague, 16-17 May 2013

This May, the Experience in Prague, is the meeting point for some of Europe’s most prominent experts.

At this innovative event, senior representatives from , and , to name but a few, will present their latest findings on the current trends, as well as challenges, in the digital pharma field.

“The aims to provide the European digital pharma experts with practical tools to ensure success and profitability. What makes this event different from other events is that it is branded as an experience, due to the interactive nature of the event, as well as the three exclusive networking functions that we are hosting alongside the event. Our aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere where delegates will identify the right tools for their companies but as well, make new friends” says , the event director for the Digital Pharma Experience.

The Digital Pharma Experience, taking place from 16 – 17 May 2013 in Prague will feature presentations on everything from digital innovation and social media reputation to developing a customer centric approach and digital vision.

The event is organized by P World, one of the world’s most innovative boutique agencies.

For more information on pricing and registration please visit: http://www.thepworld.com/pevents/event/48/digital-pharma-experience


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