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Evaluate Developments In Combat Casualty Response – Battlefield Healthcare Conference, 11-12 February 2013, London

Many in have their origins in the battlefield where the treatment of injured troops has led to innovations throughout history which continue today.

The hospital at Camp Bastion in is at the forefront in developments in trauma surgery. Last year it handled 8,000 casualties, many of them with extremely serious injuries.

Incredibly, US and British army medics now expect to save 90% of those patients, the highest figure in the history of warfare.

Against this backdrop, SMi’s provides insight into how current systems in place to aid frontline casualty response and can be improved. A balanced perspective from the military, scientific and medical domains will be presented. This ensures that you are updated with the latest developments in new treatments and procedures to decrease the risk of further fatalities and build upon the strides already made in healthcare on the battlefield and in the wider military community.

The conference provides the ideal platform to discuss and review proposed solutions to improve , where you will hear recent case studies and keynote presentations from our speaker line-up, in addition to being able to network with key decision makers from both the healthcare, scientific and military communities.

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Source: SMi Group