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FASEB Lauds Air India For Transporting Research Animals

The Federation of for Experimental Biology () commends Air India for continuing to transport research animals. In a letter to the company, expressed its appreciation for Air India’s perseverance in the face of considerable pressure from groups to discontinue shipping . “Animals are crucial for the advancement of biomedical research, and scientists around the world are dependent upon their safe and humane shipment,” stated . “The inability of scientists to access research animals could substantially impair their capacity to develop new medicines and treatments for many of the world’s most devastating diseases,” she continued.

FASEB also wrote to the (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx) urging the companies to reverse their decisions to discontinue the transport of mammals for research purposes. “We hope that UPS and FedEx reconsider their policies banning the transportation of mammals needed for critical biomedical research,” stated Bond.


FASEB’s letters to Air India, FedEX, and UPS are available here (http://bit.ly/Txzf13).
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology