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First Ever App For The 1 In 4 Adults Who Have Been Sexually Abused

, and author of the best selling Breaking Free books, has just released a pioneering App for smart phones “k2n The Journey Begins”. This is the only App available which aims to help the one in four adults, who have suffered in childhood, overcome their problems.

“k2n The Journey Begins” (free) is the first App in the Breaking Free series. The guide survivors step by step through the problems resulting from abuse. They are available now on the iTunes App store and for Android devices in the summer 2013.

Kay Toon says

“The Apps are aimed at younger people and other people who are increasingly using their mobile phones to access information and support. They allow survivors who are embarrassed or ashamed about past abuse to access and work on the Apps in private and whenever they want to. Friends and families of survivors may find the Apps increase their understanding of the effects of abuse.”

The exercises in the Apps are based on tried and tested exercises from the “Breaking Free” books (80,000 copies sold internationally):

  • “The exercises have helped me to feel more self-confident and in control of my life.” Catherine
  • “Sometimes I used to wonder if I’d ever get over this feeling of guilt. Now I don’t feel guilty about what happened – I can lay the blame at my stepfather’s door.” Jane
  • “I am not ashamed anymore and am no longer afraid of my abuser. I now enjoy life to the full.” Anthony
  • “I was so frightened of anyone else finding out. Now I feel I want to tell more people.” Claire

Other Apps available now in the Breaking Free series are “k2n Keeping Safe” and “k2n Feeling Guilty”; with further Apps in development.

The emphasis in all the Apps is on keeping safe, and they stress that the responsibility for abuse always lies with the abuser and never with the abused child.

Kay Toon is a Clinical Psychologist and nationally acknowledged expert who spent over 20 years in the NHS working with survivors of sexual abuse and developing innovative therapies.


Source: Kay Toon