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Following the movements in blood vessel tissue before, during and after cell division

Nature’s ingenious systems: A layer of cells called lines the interior of . When blood flows through the vessels, such cells only divide to replace dead cells. However, if there is a blood clot preventing blood from flowing across the , they begin to divide more actively. New research from the demonstrates that is very ordered. The new cells move away from each other and create a dynamic movement with eddies in a large area. This presumably helps to widen the vessel around the blockage. The results are published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

[Cell Division]
A cell division in a creates a controlled and far-reaching organization of the tissue, which may contribute to healing around blood clots. In the image, a cell is dividing across the middle and the red areas show an eddy rotating clockwise and the purple areas show an eddy rotating counter-clockwise.
Credit: Niels Bohr Institute


University of Copenhagen – Niels Bohr Institute