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Free World Dental Virtual Conference – August 13-15, 2013

A Free Virtual Dental Conference at Targetmeeting.com featuring 60+ live presentations from academic and industry experts around the world. The 15 sessions, which will be spread over three days, will discuss Aesthetics, Dental Surgery/Anesthesia, , , Periodontology, Endodontics, Dental Implants, and many more. Attendees can earn free Certificates of Attendance.

A computer, a good internet connection and headphones are required, but no other special equipment or software. All the attendees just connect to the ’s server to participate in real time with their distinguished counterparts from across the globe. It is a great opportunity to learn about recent advances in dentistry clinic and research without travel or monetary cost.

Keynote & Featured Speakers (60+) include:

  • Edward Feinberg, DMD, Director of the Westchester Academy of , USA. One of the top 100 leaders in continuing education by Dentistry Today.
  • Mark Geier, President, The Institute of Chronic Illnesses, Inc., USA. Chloe Long, BSc, PhD, Professor, Degutopia, Milton Keynes, UK.
  • Bahar Eren Kuru, Professor, Head of Periodontology Department, University of Marmara, School of Dentistry, Turkey.
  • Ahmed Y Gamal, Professor & Chair of Periodontology Department, Faculty of dentistry, Al Azhar University, Egypt.
  • Diana L. Eubanks, D.V.M., M.S., DABVP, FAVD, Associate Clinical Professor, Mississippi State University, USA.
  • Xinping Wang PhD, Professor, Jilin University, P.R.China.
  • Eduardo Moreira da Silva DDS, MSc, PhD, Professor & Chairman, Federal Fluminense University, Brazil.
  • Walid Ahmed Ghanem, Chairman of Oral& Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Suez Canal University, Egypt.
  • Mazen Almasri, BDS, MSC, FRCDC, Dipl. ABOMS, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry in Umm Alqura University in Saudi Arabia.
  • Rosamma Joseph, Professor & head, Department of Periodontics, Government Dental College, India.

View all speaker profiles, visit http://www.targetmeeting.com

Dentists, dental researchers, and other dentistry related people can enjoy many benefits by participating in the World Dental Online Conference:

  • Know, learn and follow up on major developments taking place in the areas of interest.
  • Have the rare privilege of meeting the best international speakers and world-renowned dentists in real time.
  • Opportunity of networking and exchanging views with the target audience directly.

Participants get a worldwide platform to express their opinions and ideas. With their experience and expertise, they can build a solid reputation and create a tremendous and lasting impact on the community. The World Dental Online Conference can create new opportunities for leading medical professionals and can help them establish new associations with dentists.

According to Target Meeting, all presentations and discussions happen in real time. Participants can ask questions, discuss problems, and exchange ideas using an online platform. The conference presents them with the ultimate opportunity to discuss proposals and initiatives with global experts, something that perhaps would not have been possible using other methods of communication or correspondence.

Sign up early to secure your connection, please visit http://www.targetmeeting.com.

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