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Fresh Insights Into How The Salmonella Bug Makes Us Ill

University researchers have found that the bacteria are able to change key cells that line the intestine, enabling the bugs to thrive.

By changing the make-up of these cells, the salmonella bacteria are able to cross the gut wall.

– commonly caused by eating undercooked poultry or eggs – can lead to diarrhoea, fever and even death in .

Scientists say the study furthers our understanding of how bacterial infections occur and what enables them to spread.

Cellular make-up

The research found that the salmonella released a protein – SopB – changing the make-up of certain cells that line the gut.

This causes a dramatic increase in cells – called microfold or M cells.

The work, reveals how once the salmonella produces large number of these cells it can then get through into the bloodstream, causing infection.

“Bacteria have evolved sophisticated strategies to interact with and infect the host. This highlights yet another way in which microbes are able to transform cells into a type that suits their habitat.” , The at the University of Edinburgh


The study was funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.
It is published in the journal Cell Host and Microbe.
University of Edinburgh