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Fujitsu successfully develops a breath sensor device that quickly measures gas components in people’s breath

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. has announced that it has developed a portable breath sensor that can extract and quickly measure the concentration of only specified gas components, such as ammonia, that are included at low concentrations in people’s breath and are suggested to be correlated with lifestyle diseases. This sensor makes it easy to identify molecules that previously could only be identified using large analysis instruments.

Focusing on the correlation thought to exist between ammonia and liver metabolism as well as between ammonia and Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection, which is a risk factor for stomach cancer, Fujitsu Laboratories applied the ammonia-adsorbing characteristic of copper(I) bromide films to successfully develop a sensor device that measures tiny amounts of ammonia in a person’s breath at a sensitivity differential that is roughly 2,500 times that for other gases.

Conceptual image of component gases in a person's breath
Figure 1: Conceptual image of component gases in a person’s breath
Image: Fujitsu