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Full-incision facelift superior to short-scar in neck region, study in multiples shows

Facelift patients who wish to avoid the dreaded “turkey wattle” neckline years later should undergo a full-incision surgical technique instead of a short-scar method, according to novel new research by a Northwell Health physician who performed the procedure on identical twins and triplets.

Lenox Hill Hospital plastic surgeon Darrick E. Antell, M.D., led a study directly comparing the two most popular types of facelift incision techniques on identical multiples, who are genetic matches. Believed to be the only research of its type in the world, the study indicated the full-incision technique yielded better results in the longer term than the “mini” or short-scar lift.

Images of facelift surgery over six years
The first image on the left is the pre-op, (May 2006) the center image is a one year post op (May 2007) and the rightmost image is a six years, five months post op
Image Credit: Darrick E. Antell, M.D