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Gene Identified That Mediates Cisplatin Resistance In Ovarian Cancer

Platinum compounds, such as and carboplatin, induce DNA cross-linking, prohibiting DNA synthesis and repair in rapidly dividing cells. They are first line therapeutics in the treatment of many solid tumors, but cancer cells frequently develop resistance to these drugs. Mechanisms of resistance typically include reduced platinum uptake and increased platinum export.

In this issue of the , Anil Sood and colleagues at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center identified a cellular membrane protein, ATP11B, that mediates cisplatin resistance in cells. They found that ATP11B expression was correlated with higher tumor grade in human samples and with cisplatin-resistance in human cell lines. Further, loss of ATP11B restored the sensitivity of cell lines to cisplatin and reduced growth in mice. These findings suggest that ATP11B could serve as a therapeutic target to overcome cisplatin resistance.

TITLE: ATP11B mediates in



Journal of Clinical Investigation