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Genetically engineered immune cell therapy found to boost survival in mice with brain tumors

For decades most cancers have been treated with a core standard of treatments that include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Now, immunotherapy–a type of treatment that harnesses the patient’s immune system to combat the disease–represents the future of cancer treatment, with its efficacy being demonstrated in even the most aggressive types of cancer.

CAR T Cells Targeting Podoplanin in Mouse Brain Tumors
Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells CAR comprising a podoplanin (PDPN)-specific antibody fragment with CD28, 4-1BB, and CD3? intracellular domains are genetically engineered to target PDPN, a protein usually found in abundance in solid tumors, including GBM, which presents the worst prognosis among GBM subtypes. Infusion of CAR T cells into an immunodeficient mouse model led to inhibition of tumor growth. CAR T cell therapy that targets PDPN represents a promising immunotherapy for treating GBM.
Credit: Nagoya Univesity