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GLOBAL: Shanghai Medical And Healthcare Tourism Show (SMTS)

April, 2013,

Tourism Show (SMTS) will take place from April 2013 in , sponsored by of Commerce.

SMTS 2013 provide a platform for communication and cooperation between medical suppliers, hospitals, insurance companies, tour operator,medical travel agent or association,destinations ,hotels and other professionals of global medical and healthcare tourism products. It will help them enter the Chinese market, promote and introduce services and eventually expand their sales.SMTS opens a window for the large number of potential customers and professionals in China to know more about global medical services.

Why Shanghai, China ?

In 2011, outbound Chinese tourists reached 70.25 million —- increase by 22%.Experts predict that China will surpass the United States and Germany to become world’s largest outbound tourism source market by the end of 2012. By 2015, China’s outbound tourists will approach 100 million.

China now accommodates 260 million patients. With an annual growth of 18%, the national market will reach 3.16 trillion RMB by 2015.

According to the statistics of 2011 Hurun Wealth Report, the number of multimillionaires in mainland China has soared to 960 thousand by the end of 2010, a yearly increase of 9.7%. Luxury consumption in China mounted to 10.7 billion US dollars, ranking second in the world.

China’s wealthy class asks for in-depth and comprehensive medical service. They attach great importance to quality and privacy, and say no to the clamorous and crowd environment of public hospitals. High-end quality and diversity are the major focus of their demand on medical service.

There are approximately 30 million people in China requesting high-end medical service, and the insurance capacity of the high-end medical market reaches 20 billion RMB each year.

Forbes magazine

Investors see a market full of potential. China’s healthcare industry is with last year’s expenditures on medical service and healthcare products totaling 123.4 billion US dollars.”

“Investors see a market full of potential. The healthcare industry is a Boston Consulting Group

“Chinese urbanites are generally in good financial condition, and most of them are debt-free. They are highly receptive to new products.”

“China’s millionaire households will increase by 74% within five years.”

How do I book?

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