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Grunenthal To Tackle Unmet Need In Chronic Post-Operative Neuropathic Pain

Grunenthal is planning to commence an international trial, including UK sites, in 2013 to evaluate the effectiveness of ® (5% lidocaine medicated plaster) in the treatment of chronic post-operative .

after surgery can often go undiagnosed, despite its relative prevalence, with 50% of patients suffering pain two years after thoracic surgery1.

The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial is likely to be conducted in several UK centres. Patients will be treated for up to 12 weeks in the clinical trial.

A recent cohort study confirmed Versatis’ capacity to maintain patients’ cognitive integrity, which can be impacted by the pain itself and also by systemic treatment options2. , a Sheffield GP with a special interest in pain management confirmed, “There is a real requirement for additional treatment options for patients with post- operative neuropathic pain”.

Versatis® is currently licensed for the symptomatic relief of pain associated with previous infection (post-herpetic neuralgia).

About post-operative neuropathic pain

Post-operative neuropathic pain is an under-recognised and prevalent chronic healthcare problem associated with significant morbidity and potential economic costs. It has a multifactorial aetiology, principally nerve injury and wound inflammatory response, leading to localised neuropathic pain symptoms. Risk factors include the type of surgery, pre-existing pain, re-operation, moderate-to- severe acute post-operative pain and psycho-social factors3.

About Versatis

Versatis is a topical therapy for the symptomatic relief of neuropathic pain associated with previous herpes zoster infection (post-herpetic neuralgia, PHN). It is registered in many European, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries.

About PHN

PHN is a neuropathic pain condition that persists after healing of herpes zoster lesions or rash. It manifests itself in various forms of local or peripheral pain symptoms such as constant burning sensations, stabbing and shooting pains, allodynia and hyperalgesia.

About UK

Grünenthal is an independent, research driven, pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Aachen, Germany. Under family ownership since its foundation in 1946, Grünenthal now operates internationally, marketing products in more than 100 countries. Grünenthal currently employs approximately 4,200 people worldwide and the number of subsidiaries continues to grow. Today, analgesia is Grünenthal main area of expertise, with the emphasis on moderate to severe pain.


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