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Humanoid robot works in therapy for children with autism

Children with autism have special difficulty in expressing emotions, usually have no social skills and face major problems when communicating. In order to help children with this problem learn to recognize facial expressions in themselves and in others, a group of researchers at the Tec de Monterrey, in Mexico, created a robot using artificial intelligence.

TecO is the name of the humanoid robot that detects neural signals thanks to an operational amplifier using a headset or a hood, which has electrodes mounted on the child’s head and records this signals; then they are sent to a computer that translates them into information that is interpreted by a psychologist or a neurologist.

The operation of TecO is explained by David Silva Balderas, researcher in the area of ??graduate programs in engineering sciences, at the Mexico City campus of the Tec de Monterrey. “It detects certain intentions, such as moving an arm, if the kid is sleepy or alert, but doesn’t read thoughts, the expression must be made clear. If the robot registers sadness in the child, it then modifies its mode of action to change that feeling,” says the specialist artificial intelligence.

TecO, humanoid robot
TecO, humanoid robot