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If You Have Doubts Before Marriage, Don’t Ignore Them

Couples about to tie the knot shouldn’t ignore nagging about getting married, warns a researcher. This conclusion appears to concur with the one suggested by a similar piece published in the in September 2012, which indicated that pre-wedding jitters may be a sign of trouble ahead.

Commenting on this new research, , who co-authored the study while at Kansas State University, said, “if you are having doubts about the , just ignoring them may make a difference years down the road”. Johnson is now an assistant professor in .

The study, published recently in the journal Family Process, found that couples who were more confident as they exchanged vows also spent more time together 18 months into the marriage, and were still happy sharing life with their spouses at the three-year mark.

The study used existing research data to weigh the marital confidence of 610 newlywed couples over a period of four years. Those who were most confident at the outset of matrimony were still showing their happiness by sticking together as a couple after the honeymoon was long over.

“These couples were spending time together, dining out, taking part in activities together, sharing meaningful conversation and physical expressions of affection. Those who are more confident in getting married are willing to invest in their relationships,” Johnson said.

In a time when divorce is prevalent, dealing with relationship issues up front is key, even if it could dim the glow of romance, according to Johnson. “It is tempting to push those concerns down and just go with the flow, but couples need to remember, the doubts you are having are there for a reason and dealing with them will be beneficial.”

Pre-marital counselling is a good opportunity for couples to talk openly and honestly about their concerns, and their confidence in being able to meet future challenges, Johnson suggested.


University of Alberta