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India stands with Asia Pacific nations in drive for malaria?free region

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined other Asia Pacific Leaders in taking a concrete step closer to defeating malaria. Along with the 17 other East Asia Summit (EAS) Leaders meeting in Malaysia this past weekend, he endorsed a detailed plan to eliminate the disease throughout the region by 2030.

The APLMA Malaria Elimination Roadmap presents six essential actions that leaders can support to accelerate progress towards malaria elimination. In endorsing the Roadmap, Prime Minister Modi and regional Leaders expressed their determination to defeat malaria:

“We are committed to the Roadmap’s six priority areas and called for a rapid and sustained scale?up effort in the Mekong region to prevent the spread of drug?resistant malaria,” read the official EAS Chairman’s statement issued after the Summit.

Malaria Elimination Roadmap
Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance
Malaria Elimination Roadmap