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L.A. story: Cleaner air, healthier kids

Children’s lungs grew stronger as pollution declined in #CleanAirLA and throughout the basin over the past 2 decades

Pollution Down, Lung Health Up
Air quality in the Los Angeles basin, as measured in five cities by USC researchers, improved over two decades. That provided a more healthful environment for children’s growing lungs.
Credit: USC graphic by Molly Zisk


Gauderman’s and Gilliland’s co-authors were , , Kiros Berhane, Rob McConnell, Edward Rappaport and , all from the Department of Preventive Medicine at the , and , Inc.

The authors dedicated their paper to the late John Peters of the Keck School’s Department of Preventive Medicine, who conceived the Children’s Health Study and directed it over most of its 20 years.

The study was funded by the Health Effects Institute, a partnership of the auto industry and the federal government; the ; the Hastings Foundation; and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (grants ES011627, ES07048, and ES022719).

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University of Southern California