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Latest Developments In Techniques And Procedures Used In The Identification And Control Of Contaminants, 30-31 January 2013, London

Microbiological contamination of products and processes in a lab and environment continues to be a major problem to the and Biotechnological industries and its regulators. The potential impact of such contamination can be enormous, and does not only create health and safety problems but can also cost companies millions in lost product revenue.

Regulators will endeavour to ensure that the safety of the is never compromised. Aseptic processing attracts a high level of regulatory scrutiny due to the risks associated with this type of manufacturing and its potential adverse effect on the

SMi’s conference will aim to provide an expert and highly accredited speaker line up including 13 pharma speakers who will focus on the latest developments and procedures used in the identification and prevention of contaminating agents, updates on new rules and regulations and the challenges facing the  industry. Attending will enable you to:

  • Discuss developments in tools, techniques and procedures used in identification and control of
  • Evaluate the handling of traditional drug and biologics & sterile product manufacturing 

  • Hear about design, construction and validation of sterile facilities and equipment

  • Engage with those currently working on producing the rapid microbial methods

30th January to 31st January 2013, London, United Kingdom

For more information visitalternatively contact Farhaana Rahman on +44 0 207 827 6186 or email on [email protected]


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