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Leading bowel cancer charity launches new endoscopy guide

UK, has launched a new information booklet which will inform and advise patients who have been referred by their GP for either a or colonoscopy. The guide discusses both procedures and also helps people understand what to expect and what choices they may have.

An endoscopy, such as flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, is the most common diagnostic and therapeutic technique in the UK to detect bowel cancer and conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer but many people are still unaware of the symptoms. Every year, over 40,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and more than 15,700 people die of the disease.

Ann Cole who was given the guide after her own experience of bowel cancer said: “I have experienced both procedures and would have welcomed a guide like this beforehand. Everything is covered in easy to read language.”

The guide covers information on the reasons for having these investigations; who is qualified to do the investigations; how to prepare for the investigation; what to expect during the investigation; understanding the risks and benefits of having the investigation and what to expect afterwards and sources of further information, help and advice.

Sarah Porch who is the Director of Services for says: “We are delighted to be able to provide this excellent new resource free of charge. We hear from people every day who tell us that they would have benefitted from more information about these investigations prior to having them, in particular, what to expect, how to prepare and practical tips to support them. We know that high quality and accessible health information is so important in helping improve people’s experience of health care and enabling them to make the right decisions for them.”

To order a copy of the guide please fill in our simple form or download it here

About Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK, affecting both men and women. Every year over 40,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and more than 15,700 people die of the disease.

About Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of bowel cancer include:

  • Bleeding from the bottom and/or blood in your poo.
  • A change in your normal bowel habit lasting three weeks or more especially to looser or runny poo.
  • Extreme tiredness for no obvious reason.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • A pain or lump in your tummy.


Bowel Cancer UK