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Lilly Launches Latest Innovation In Insulin Delivery

HumaPen® TM Design Inspired by People Living with Diabetes to Meet their Individual Needs

Lilly announced the launch of the new HumaPen® SAVVIOTM this week at the in Manchester.
Engineered to resemble a small personal accessory rather than a medical device, Lilly’s latest innovation was designed following feedback from people with diabetes who shared their aspiration to manage diabetes discreetly. The is a next-generation for use with the Humalog® and Humulin® brands of insulin.

Since every experience with diabetes is unique and personal, Lilly launched a landmark market research project in six countries to gain insight into the daily lives of people with diabetes. The research team spent a day-in-the life with patients in their own homes to gather real-life understanding of how they use their insulin devices and the challenges they face. Insulin users’ individual lifestyles were candidly discussed and observed and this research was used to design the new HumaPen SAVVIO to meet their needs and help them feel more at ease when using their medication1.

“I want my patients to feel confident about managing their condition and being able to get on with everyday living,” says Susan Stockley, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse from East Surrey Hospital. “People with diabetes handle their devices every day and to some, the device reminds them that they are on important medication and ‘different’. This new insulin pen blends in with their accessories and feels personalised, plus the size means they can be more discreet when administering.”

The new insulin delivery device looks like a fashionable pen and features a compact, attractive yet durable design, and is available in several different colours in the UK; blue, graphite, green, silver, pink, and red. While being aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, HumaPen SAVVIO has undergone rigorous testing on a variety of quality, accuracy of dosing and durability measures to ensure people are receiving their medication safely and appropriately1. The HumaPen Savvio is easy to dial and dose and features smooth glide force an easy-to-use cartridge holder.

“The process of developing HumaPen SAVVIO reflects our commitment to ‘people led’ innovations as it required an understanding of people’s emotional responses to their medical treatment”, says Dr Arash Tahbaz, Lilly Senior Medical Advisor. “Our research and the time spent with people using insulin therapy on a daily basis gave us meaningful insights, which have been transferred to HumaPen SAVVIO. We’re pleased to bring this latest offering in the Lilly Diabetes portfolio to the UK market and we will continue to put patients first.”

HumaPen SAVVIO joins Lilly’s broad portfolio of insulin pens that provide personalised solutions for people living with diabetes.

HumaPen SAVVIO is available for use with Lilly’s 3 mL insulin cartridges, which include the Humalog and Humulin brands of insulin.


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Source: Lilly Diabetes