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Lymphoma charity launches a GP learning tool to help improve survival of lymphoma patients

has announced the launch of an online learning tool, developed with the (RCGP), to increase GP understanding of lymphoma and improve survival and quality of life for .

This tool answers an unmet need in as a recent survey of 1,000 GPs in the UK has shown that three quarters of GPs would welcome further support and training on how to identify and diagnose lymphoma.

Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, is the 5th most common cancer in the UK and the commonest cancer in teenagers and young adults. Early detection of lymphoma can help improve the chance of survival and patient experience, therefore identifying the signs and symptoms of lymphoma as early as possible is vitally important.

A recent global patient survey has shown that the UK has one of the poorest rates of lymphoma diagnosis across the world; only beating Columbia for being the worst country for accurate diagnosis within four weeks. This is despite the fact that people in the UK are more likely to talk to their doctor about initial symptoms earlier than people in other parts of the world.

Commenting on the launch of the online learning tool Jonathan Pearce, Chief Executive of the said, “The not only supports people affected by lymphoma; we are also dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals. This is why the two organisations have worked closely together to develop a comprehensive online learning tool that will help ensure that lymphoma patients get the best care possible from diagnosis, to treatment, to after-care.”

“As GPs we see a range of patients experiencing a variety of symptoms so it is important that we continue to develop our understanding of diseases to enable us to provide the right care. In the current NHS environment, the education and support provided for GPs is limited and lymphoma is certainly an area where this can be strengthened. The lymphoma tool developed by the Lymphoma Association and the RCGP is a fantastic tool that is easy to use and provides a broad insight into the disease; I am sure it will be welcomed by GPs across the UK and will help to work towards improving care for people with lymphoma.” said Dr Ben Riley, Medical Director of Curriculum at the RCGP and GP.

The online learning tool aims to increase GP understanding of lymphoma including diagnosis, how the different types of lymphoma appear in patients and the management of survivors in primary care.


Source: Lymphoma Association