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Market & Patient Access In Key Asian Markets Conference, 23-24 July 2013, Singapore


  1. Asian HTA & Payer Forum
  2. Pharma Market & in Key
  3. Medical Device in Key Asian Markets

This event will bring together experts responsible for key Asian markets globally and locally to discuss how the current changing environments will impact market access and as a result affect global strategies. It will be particularly focused on those who consider these markets a priority worthy of further understanding. Participants will also learn how to ensure their products are demonstrating value in correct terms, to the right people in each market.

Why Attend?

  • Learn how the industry is adapting to the changing environment in order to successfully prioritize healthcare financing.
  • Understand the reimbursement process and levels of decision-making in each country.
  • Learn how to designing and justifying Market Affordability Based approaches for these markets.
  • How to design and justify Market Affordability Based approaches for these markets.
  • Learn the status of patent protection for innovative pharmaceuticals and what are the rewards vs. the risks of marketing products?
  • Hear about the effects of urbanisation in APAC Markets: What initiatives are being taken to improve healthcare in rural areas?
  • Prepare for your next product launch and expand market access for your current products.
  • Focus on engaging KOLs, surgeons and hospital purchasing managers across the region to succeed in this growing region.
  • Benchmark, network and co-operate with pharma & payer decision makers.

To request the full agenda please follow this link.

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