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Media campaigns help increase Florida tobacco cessation services, quitlines

A recent study from found that a tobacco-cessation media campaign urging Florida smokers to use telephone quitlines and Web-based led to an increase in weekly use of .

During 35 months, 141,221 tobacco users registered for cessation services through the , and 53,513 registered through Web Coach. Researchers found that an increase in 100 weekly media-market-level target-rating points – a measure of the exposure of a target audience to an advertisement – was associated with an increase of seven weekly registrants and two Web Coach registrants in an average media market.

Researchers note that sustained, state-sponsored media can increase the number of registrants to telephone quitlines and Web-based cessation services, and that federally funded can further increase the reach of state-sponsored cessation services.

Article: The Impact of a State-Sponsored Mass Media Campaign on Use of Telephone Quitline and Web-Based Cessation Services, Jennifer C. Duke, RTI International, Preventing Chronic Disease, published 24 December 2014.


Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)