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More cells make a difference in landmark study of cell therapy for heart attack

In this study, doctors treated with their own , selected for their healing potential and then reinjected into the heart, in an effort to improve the heart’s recovery. In the PreSERVE-AMI phase II trial, physicians from 60 sites treated 161 patients, making the study one of the largest to assess for in the United States. The study was sponsored by NeoStem, Inc.

[Protocol for the PreSERVE-AMI trial]
Protocol for the PreSERVE-AMI trial, one of the largest studies of bone marrow cell therapy for in the United States. Researchers made real progress in determining the cell type and dose that can benefit patients.
Credit: Woodruff Health Sciences Center


Quyyumi is a member of NeoStem’s advisory board. This relationship has been reviewed and approved by Emory University School of Medicine.

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