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Mutation may cause early loss of sperm supply

biologists have determined how the loss of a in male mice results in the premature exhaustion of their . Their fundamental new insights into the complex process of sperm generation may have direct applications to a similar loss of in men.

A Depleted Pool
Mice lacking the gene for the protein TAF4b (right) produce fewer undifferentiated germ cells (green) than mice with the gene (left). This leads to a decreased ability to keep going after about a month or so of initial fertility.
Credit: Freiman lab/Brown University


In addition to Freiman, Lovasco and Gustafson, other authors are of Brown and Dirk G. de Rooij of the Univerisity of Amsterdam.

The Ellison Medical Foundation and the National Institutes of Health (grant 1F32HD077986) supported the research.

Brown University