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New drivers of glioblastoma

Several genetic drivers of – are reported in an this week in Nature Genetics. These discoveries shed light on how these tumors develop and suggest possible treatment options for a subset of patients.

Glioblastoma is difficult to treat and usually associated with poor clinical outcomes. and colleagues used a new computational platform to identify recurrent genetic changes in a large collection of glioblastoma samples. They identified several genes targeted by recurrent alterations in glioblastoma and showed that some of these altered genes influence the growth properties of glioma cells. One notable set of recurrent alterations involved the EGFR gene, which encodes a positive regulator of cell growth implicated in several cancers. Importantly, cells expressing these altered forms of EGFR protein were sensitive to treatment with EGFR inhibitors, which could lead to more effective therapies for patients carrying these rearrangements.


New drivers of glioblastoma

DOI 10.1038/ng.2734